Emt Conduits(Galvanized, Copper plated and Black colorized)

Emt Conduits(Galvanized, Copper plated and...

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About Us:Eranova, has been providing full service on export and import of industrial and electrical equipments, components for automotoive, white goods and brown goods with an expert team.

The company provides special and productive solutions  for electrical, lighting, white goods and automotive industries world wide. All stages of business is managed by our professional and experienced team.

When today's competitive conditions are considered, we are well named as innovative, fast and minimized error company providing dynamic and practical solutions for all our customers and business partners around the world.

QUALITY: We obtain the most suitable quality products manufactures by specialized and approved suppliers. It is our company principle and standar procedure of inspecting each individual manufacturer on site and test all materials before shipment.

FLEXIBILITY: We are able to offer quotation within maximum 5 working days and start working with specially audited suppliers in 20 working days maximum.

GLOBAL OPERATION: We operate at 6 strategic purchasing regions, China, India, Russia,

 Chezh Republic, South Korea and Japan. We carry our commercial acitivities in these regions through our representatives and local quality inspectors.

OUR EXPERIENCE: We are actively importing and exporting electrical and industrial components for many years. We follow strictly all legal and regulatory obligations of local authorities. We do market research and consultancy for all commercial activites requested by clients. We inspect products on site uincluding the shipping stage until the goods are cleared from the custom.


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