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Cırtlı Kablo Bağları ve Ruloları

Velcro Cable Ties and Rolls

$2.74 (tax incl.) $3.42 -20%
Kablo Toplama Çorabı (Siyah)

Expandable Cable Sleeving

$14.16 (tax incl.) $23.60 -40%
Pvc coated Steel Spiral Hose

Pvc coated Steel Spiral Hose

$26.38 (tax incl.) $31.03 -15%
Pano Isıtıcıları

Ptc Heaters

$13.45 (tax incl.) $22.42 -40%
Pvc Cable Trunks

Pvc Cable Trunks

$0.70 (tax incl.) $0.83 -15%
Hawcon Eriyen Bant

Self Fusing Tape

$1.42 (tax incl.) $2.36 -40%
Bez Bant

Cloth Tape

$2.34 (tax incl.) $5.19 -55%
Kompakt Çok Amaçlı Klemens

Compact Multipurpose Terminal Block

$7.23 (tax incl.) $20.65 -65%
Galvanized Steel Conduit

Galvanized Steel Conduit

$9.24 (tax incl.) $10.27 -10%
EC Type Cable Tag

EC Type Cable Tag

$2.89 (tax incl.) $4.13 -30%

Tube, Spiral, Hose, Emt, Imc Group

  • Cable Sleevings (Tubes)

    Cable Sleevings (Tubes)

    <p>Cable Sleevings(tubes) are used for the insulation, classifying and protection. Heat shrink tube and fibreglass sleevings are 2 main categories. Heat shrink tubes can be easily shrinked by applying heat thus cover cable or pipes strongly. This provides a successful insulation. Fibreglass sleevings provides mechanical protection and electrical insulation for cables where high electrical currents flow and high temperature is avaliable.</p>
  • Spiral Tubes

    Spiral Tubes

  • EMT, IMC Tube and Accessories

    EMT, IMC Tube and Accessories

    <p>They are the equipment used in cable laying and wiring laying. EMT pipes and accessories can be purchased online from our website.</p>
  • Conduit Pipes and Hollow Tubes

    Conduit Pipes and Hollow Tubes


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