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Cırtlı Kablo Bağları ve Ruloları

Velcro Cable Ties and Rolls

$2.74 (tax incl.) $3.42 -20%
Omurgalı Toplama Spirali

Cable Wrap with fixing apparatus

$3.26 (tax incl.) $5.43 -40%
Helezon Spiral

Helezone Spiral Wrap

$1.13 (tax incl.) $1.89 -40%
Hawcon Eriyen Bant

Self Fusing Tape

$1.42 (tax incl.) $2.36 -40%
Bez Bant

Cloth Tape

$2.34 (tax incl.) $5.19 -55%
Kompakt Çok Amaçlı Klemens

Compact Multipurpose Terminal Block

$7.23 (tax incl.) $20.65 -65%
EC Type Cable Tag

EC Type Cable Tag

$2.89 (tax incl.) $4.13 -30%
Tam İzoleli Dişi Faston (Polyamid)

Fully Insulated Female Terminal(polyamid)

$18.05 (tax incl.) $40.12 -55%
Kutu Daralan Makaron Renkli

Retail Box Colored Heat Shrink Tube

$1.78 (tax incl.) $2.97 -40%
3M Yapışkan Kroşeli Kablo Bağı(50adet)

3M Yapışkan Kroşeli Kablo Bağı(50adet)

$2.50 (tax incl.) $4.31 -42%

Cable Sleevings (Tubes)

  • Heat Shrinkable Tubes

    Heat Shrinkable Tubes

    <p>Heat shrink tubes are used for electrical insulation. Worldwide known Woer brand products provide high quality insulation performance. Our tubes range in different colors, with adhesive, heat shrink cloth, busbar sleevings, wave types. We provide a large selection of diameters.</p>
  • Fibreglass Sleevings

    Fibreglass Sleevings

    <p>Our fibreglass sleevings provide protection and insulation where high electrical currents flow and high temperatures exist in the environment. H class, htg, f class, pvc insulated types are the alternative types for fibreglass sleevings.</p>
  • Askeri (Military) Makaronlar

    Askeri (Military) Makaronlar

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