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Emt Conduits(Galvanized, Copper plated and Black colorized)

Emt Conduits(Galvanized, Copper plated and...

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Cable Sleevings (Tubes) 

Cable Sleevings(tubes) are used for the insulation, classifying and protection. Heat shrink tube and fibreglass sleevings are 2 main categories. Heat shrink tubes can be easily shrinked by applying heat thus cover cable or pipes strongly. This provides a successful insulation. Fibreglass sleevings provides mechanical protection and electrical insulation for cables where high electrical currents flow and high temperature is avaliable.

  • Heat Shrinkable Tubes
    Heat Shrinkable Tubes

    Heat shrink tubes are used for electrical insulation. Worldwide known Woer brand products provide high quality insulation performance. Our tubes range in different colors, with adhesive, heat shrink cloth, busbar sleevings, wave types. We provide a large selection of diameters.

  • Fibreglass Sleevings
    Fibreglass Sleevings

    Our fibreglass sleevings provide protection and insulation where high electrical currents flow and high temperatures exist in the environment. H class, htg, f class, pvc insulated types are the alternative types for fibreglass sleevings.

  • Askeri (Military) Makaronlar
    Askeri (Military) Makaronlar
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Showing 1 - 19 of 19 items

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