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Cırtlı Kablo Bağları ve Ruloları

Velcro Cable Ties and Rolls

$2.74 (tax incl.) $3.42 -20%
Kablo Toplama Çorabı (Siyah)

Expandable Cable Sleeving

$14.16 (tax incl.) $23.60 -40%
Pvc coated Steel Spiral Hose

Pvc coated Steel Spiral Hose

$26.38 (tax incl.) $31.03 -15%
Pano Isıtıcıları

Ptc Heaters

$13.45 (tax incl.) $22.42 -40%
Pvc Cable Trunks

Pvc Cable Trunks

$0.70 (tax incl.) $0.83 -15%
Hawcon Eriyen Bant

Self Fusing Tape

$1.42 (tax incl.) $2.36 -40%
Bez Bant

Cloth Tape

$2.34 (tax incl.) $5.19 -55%
Kompakt Çok Amaçlı Klemens

Compact Multipurpose Terminal Block

$7.23 (tax incl.) $20.65 -65%
Galvanized Steel Conduit

Galvanized Steel Conduit

$9.24 (tax incl.) $10.27 -10%
EC Type Cable Tag

EC Type Cable Tag

$2.89 (tax incl.) $4.13 -30%

Cable Organizers

  • Cable Ties

    Cable Ties

    <p>Cable ties are used to identify and assemble cable harnesses. Standard cable ties, colored cable ties, ultraviolette cable ties, cable ties with tag, velcro cable ties and stainless steel cable ties are grouped as 6 different types. Cable ties vary in different thicknesses and lenghts.</p>
  • Expandable Sleeving and Wraps

    Expandable Sleeving and Wraps

    <p>You can easily use our cable sleevings and wraps which are specially designed to assemble and tidy up cables at identifying your cable ends and hide the unwanted cable bundles. Thanks to their flexibility and high durability you may also use them to protect your cables from outside damages.</p>
  • Cable Terminals and Connectors

    Cable Terminals and Connectors

    <p>You may use our cable terminals and connectors to connec different cable to each other or to other modules which ease your connection by their practical design. Insualted and non-insulated types are avaliable. They provide great labor and time saving.</p>
  • Hand Tools and Crimping Tools

    Hand Tools and Crimping Tools

    <p>Cable cutters, cripming tools, cable lug tools, cable splice and stripping tools, cable tie guns are at your service.</p>
  • Cable Tie Accessories

    Cable Tie Accessories

    <p>Caable tie mount, cable tie tag and other cable tie accessories</p>
  • Glands


  • Cable Ducts and Accessories

    Cable Ducts and Accessories

    <p>Cable ducts can be used along the cable lines. Thanks to its abs material durability, it protects your cables from exterior damages. Cable ducts vary in size according to the cable bundle diameters to be included.</p>
  • Soldering Wire Group

    Soldering Wire Group

  • Tapes


    <p>Bant types<br />GLOBE-TESA-3M</p>
  • Cable End Caps

    Cable End Caps

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