Emt Conduits(Galvanized, Copper plated and Black colorized)

Emt Conduits(Galvanized, Copper plated and...

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Enclosure Components 

  • Cable Lugs and Muffs
    Cable Lugs and Muffs

    You may use our cable terminals and connectors to connec different cable to each other or to other modules which ease your connection by their practical design. Insualted and non-insulated types are avaliable. They provide great labor and time saving.

  • Power Distribution Blocks
    Power Distribution Blocks
  • Buzzer and Sirens
    Buzzer and Sirens
  • Led Signal Lamps
    Led Signal Lamps
  • Thermostats and Hygrostats
    Thermostats and Hygrostats

    Our cabin type thermostat and hygrostats solve your air control problems. You may also combine our thermostats with our ptc heaters for best solutions.

  • Cabin and Cell Heaters
    Cabin and Cell Heaters

    Ptc cabin and cell heaters are designed to match your best and most economical solutions.

  • Fuses
  • Distribution Blocks
    Distribution Blocks
  • Copper Clad Busbar
    Copper Clad Busbar

    NEXOBAR is a bimetallic composite busbar engineered to provide an economic alternative to solid copper. It is a Copper Clad Aluminum Composite – comprised of cladding copper, aluminum core, and interfacial bonding layer – that delivers cost savings and weight advantages yet retains the surface properties of a copper busbar. The Current – Carrying – Capacity of CCAC is equivalent to 86% of copper bus with a 20% volume ratio of copper. Its light weight, low cost, and mechanical processing properties make it an excellent overall performance material.

  • Otomatik Transfer Şalteri
    Otomatik Transfer Şalteri
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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