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PVC Coated Galvanized Steel Spiral Unions

Spiral connections made of galvanized steel with PVC coating

IP68 straight type

without nut

(male and female)

The coil sizes that can be ordered are shown in the table below.

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12x1,5 N-10 MN-10 CTM - 9
16x1,5 N-12 MN-12 CTM-13
20x1,5 N-16 MN-16 CTM-16
25x1,5 N-21 MN-21 CTM-21
32x1,5 N-27 MN-27 CTM-27
40x1,5 - MN-35 CTM-29
50x1,5 - MN-40 CTM-36
63x1,5 - MN-50 CTM-48
PG-09 N-10 MN-10 CTM-9
PG-11 N-12 MN-12 CTM-13
PG-13,5 N-12 MN-12 CTM-13
PG-16 N-16 MN-16 CTM-16
PG-21 N-21 MN-21 CTM-21
PG-29 N-27 MN-27 CTM-27
PG-36 - MN-35 CTM-29
PG-42 - MN-40 CTM-36
PG-48 - MN-50 CTM-48
1/4” N-10 MN-10 CTM-9
3/8” N-12 MN-12 CTM-11
1/2” N-16 MN-16 CTM-13
3/4” N-21 MN-21 CTM-16
1” N-27 MN-27 CTM-21
1 1/4” - MN-35 CTM-29
1 1/2” - MN-40 CTM-36
2” - MN-50 CTM-48

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